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5th DECEMBER 2015


Tonight Santa has to be out delivering the German children's presents. As you know, they celebrate on Santa's special day - 6th December instead of Christmas Day. Rudolph is not awfully keen and Santa always worries that some of the presents might be too heavy!!

1. Which 17th century artist painted Girl With a Pearl Earring?

2. On which Greek Island was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh born?

3. Which 19th century French physicist is described as, “father of thermodynamics?

4. The silver coins, peso de ocho reales or Spanish dollars, were popularly know as what?

5. What word describes a type of fruit, a species of snail and a style of Japanese earthenware?

Yesterday's Answers

1. The Mothers of Invention

2. 404

3. The Bloomsbury Set

4. The Silk Road

5. Isaac Asimov