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Wonderful Story



Kathryn at WImbledon 2015

Wonderful Story

When we were very young we had a baby girl who was given for adoption. In October 1998, Kathryn, our daughter, contacted us by letter. She was by this time married to Rich and had a thirteen month old daughter, Daisy. After many more exchanges of letters and telephone calls, we finally met in the Grapevine Hotel in the lovely Cotswold town of Stow on the Wold in Gloucestershire at the end of January 1999.

We never had any more children after Kathryn and to find ourselves with a ready made family at that time in our lives was somewhat mind blowing to say the least! Since that first meeting at Stow seventeen years ago,we have spent many happy times and made many memorable trips together. Our love for each other has taken deep root and although the wonder of it will never cease to amaze us, Kathryn, Rich and Dasiy are so much part of our lives now, it is hard to recall those long years when they were not.

Kathryn is an arts enthusiast with a particular love of opera. This amazed Tez as he has been an opera lover since childhood and to find that love anew in Kathryn was very rewarding. She used to work in the Marketing Department for Opera North in the beautiful old Grand Theatre in Leeds, a post that enabled her to combine hobby and work.

We are grateful to all our friends who after the initial shock of learning our secret, have given so much love and support to us all over the years that have passed since October 1998.