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Just thought that you might like to know what happened after all that.


Well, Granmo and Granpo went to stay with Daisy and her Mummy and Daddy over Christmas and naturally took Horace with them for a visit. Daisy was soooo pleased to see him and immediately gave him a brightly plaited Christmas Collar made from very sparkly, Christmas stuff and he looked a treat. He spent a wonderful Christmas with all Daisy's other lucky cuddlies and when it was time to come home Granmo thought that he looked so happy, Horace really ought to stay with Daisy. For ever.

So he did. And he loves it. As you can see (apologies for Daisy's bumps and scratches but on the first day back at school after Christmas she was hit in the face once by a basket ball and once by a frisbee - thankfully she is getting over it!) .

So in conclusion, whatever you do, don't ever tell Mack the Dog!