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As soon as possible after arriving home (come on, they were absolutely wet through), Granpo lay Horace on a sheet to assess the damage. He was filthy andHorace_before1.jpg ripped open right along his front, on his nose and above his eyes (Horace not Granpo). He looked exactly as though he had been run over (which of course is what had occurred) and as sad a looking hippo, Granmo and Granpo have yet to see. Granpo decided that what was needed was expert care and attention and it needed a cool head to carry it out safely so he tucked Horace up in a chair and went to bed. Cym who is Granmo and Granpo's cat was very curious about Horace and curled up in the chair to keep him warm and to provide a bit of kind companionship.

Horace was just a tiny bit afraid but at least he was warm and almost dry and it was really quite pleasant having a cat's whiskers tickling your face so he settled down and went to sleep.

The next day Granpo set to work.....

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