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Granmo and Granpo went to the Bat again on the Fireworks-03-june.giffollowing Friday for the Bonfire Party and the place was heaving. The fire was going strong, the music was loud and the fireworks were brilliant. Noisy but brilliant. Mack was very busy.Fireworks-02-june.gif

There were quite a few strange dogs in addition to the regulars and as there was a BBQ, Mack was practically rushed off all his four feet. When there's a BBQ at the Bat, folk tend to drop bits of burger and bun and sausage on the patio and the dogs have a fine time "cleaning up". Well, Mack likes to do any "cleaning" (for "cleaning" read "eating") that has to be done Fireworks-04-june.gifso he was very busy getting to the dropped tasties before any other four-legged visitor could get there before him. Granpo and Granmo had a few words with him but he was far too busy even to wag his tail.

But what, I hear you ask, about Horace? Well, I'm coming to that, just giving you a bit of background.

At the end of the evening it was pouring down and Granmo and Granpo who had not thought to bring one umbrella Fireworks-01-june.gifbetween them, had to make their way through the sloshy car park to the steps which lead to home and guess what they stumbled across lying in the mud? You've guessed it - Horace. Poor, filthy, broken, battered Horace!

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