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Granpo gave Horace a bit of a scrub up and then came the hard bit. HoraceHorace_bucket.jpg was to go in the washing machine! Only on a quick program though and before you could say Horace the Hippo seven hundred and forty nine times, out he came, absolutely dripping wet but clean.

The next thing of course was the need to put him in the tumble drier but by now Horace was well used to the rough and tumble and in hardly any time at all he was warm, dry and sparkling clean. He was plump and he was happy and the truth is, very pleased to be in his new environment

Horace_clean2.jpgGranmo was determined to make Horace happy again but Granpo, although he wanted him to be made better had a conscience about taking him away from his rightful owner. Granmo said never mind all that, his rightful owners would have thrown Horace in the bin because he was just too far gone after being run over to look as though he could ever be made better. And they probably wouldn't have appreciated that Granpo or anybody else for that matter, could make him look good again in hardly any time at all. But Granpo still feels that Horace should be returned to Mack and Granmo says not on her nellie. Like Daisy right at the beginning of this tale, Granmo and Granpo had a dilemma on their hands. The question is - what would you have done?

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