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Next day Granpo set to work. Firstly, he got rid of the soggy bits of Horace's insides (remember, I told you he had had the stuffing ripped out of him) and replaced them with brand new foam that he just happened to have in the shedHorace_before2.jpg after upholstering some chairs (did I mention that Granpo is very good at that sort of thing?) and then he chose some cotton as near to Horace's colour as possible and threaded it through a needle. Then came the tricky bit.

Granpo is very good at sewing having learned when he was a boy to enable him Horace_stitched.jpgto make clothes for his puppets (his aunt taught him to knit for the same reason). With tiny little stitches and with great care he drew together the edges of Horace's covering and began to put him together again. Soon he was looking plump and healthy and with hardly any visible scars on account of Granpo being a very good sewer. At this stage Granmo decided a wash was the next stage of Horace's recovery and prepared a bucket of hot water and gently lowered him in.

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