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There he was, poor old Horace with the stuffing well and truly knocked out of him, covered in mud and bits of his insides floating in a puddle. What a dreadful sight. Horace had been run over.

Granmo and Granpo found out later that it had been Sally, the owner who had backed out of the drive in the living part of the Bat, accidentally flattening poor old Horace in the process. The poor old hippo had been left in the car park by (it has to be said) his very uncaring owner, Mack.

But back to the wet and windy Friday night. "Quick," said Granpo to Granmo, "shineHorace_before1.jpg the torch here." Horace looked no better on closer inspection and they were both very upset with Granmo insisting that they pick Horace up and take him home. "It's stealing." Granpo said, "I don't care if it is" said Granmo wiping her face, by this time wet with rain and tears, "we are taking Horace home. What will Daisy think if we tell her we just left him here, tell me that?" "OK, OK," said Granpo, "point taken." and he scooped up Horace, stuffing bits of him back into his tummy (which it has to be told, was ripped wide open) and carried him carefully home.

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